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In 2000, Karla Trusler made the decision to leave a successful law practice and begin her real estate career. The Trusler Group was formed in 2008 when her husband, Alex Trusler, joined her in a merger of robust skill sets. In 2011, Jennifer Ferguson and Lolly Landwehr expanded the team to create a single, powerful real estate sales and marketing operation.

Our model is deliberately simple; every project has a lead partner and the rest of the team provides strategic, creative, analytical, technical and negotiating support. Through this operating model, we leave no stone upturned, no dollar on the table, and no details overlooked. This is the framework of our mission to deliver exceptional service and quality support to our clientele.


Selling residential real estate is unlike selling anything else. Every home is a unique product that will be perceived differently by every prospect that views it online or tours it in person. The Trusler Group understands the personal nature of real estate. Our property marketing is widely regarded as the best in the business, and from our compelling photography to our in person showings, every detail of every presentation is crafted to encourage a personal connection between prospects and your property. The Trusler Group knows that prospects become buyers when a property feels like home.

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